Sleek, Smart, Secure.

RedefiningSmart Cards

Pulsar Card ELITE is a sleek, 1.9mm smart card helping you find missing items, Share your info easily by touching it to a smartphone, and a distinctive alert sound for swift location. Crafted with a luxurious tempered glass body, it's a pocket-friendly marvel, redefining connectivity with style and innovation.

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Location Tracking

Pulsar Card's global location tracking ensures instant recovery of lost items, enhancing user peace of mind and transforming the card into a reliable guardian for your essentials.


NFC Contact Sharing

Pulsar Card's one touch contact sharing revolutionizes networking—simply tap the card on a smartphone for seamless, instant, and efficient information exchange.


Durable & Elegant

Pulsar Card ELITE blends durability with elegance, featuring a luxurious tempered glass body. A sleek design withstands daily use, making it a stylish and enduring choice.

Accurate Positioning

Securely find lost belongings with precision.

Swiftly locate your lost wallet or belongings, adding a layer of security to your essentials. Enjoy the convenience of effortlessly tracking items, making Pulsar Card an invaluable companion for an organized and stress-free lifestyle.

  • Works with Apple's Find My app.
  • Pulsar Card app for Android.
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Pulsar Profile
easily networking

Tap, share, connect effortlessly with NFC

Effortlessly share your profile details just with a simple touch of card on phone, saving time and leaving a lasting impression. Elevate your connections with the convenience of tech-forward networking, ensuring efficient and memorable professional interactions

  • Works with any NFC-enabled smartphone without any additional application.
  • Integrates with Pulsar Card's Digital Business Profile.
Swiftly locate lost items

Global Positioning

powered by Apple's Find My Network

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Elegant design, durability that makes a lasting, sophisticated impression.

Pulsar Card ELITE features a durable and elegant design, crafted with precision for a sophisticated, enduring statement in modern networking.

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2 years battery life

Reliable, enduring power for uninterrupted smart experiences over two years.

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Slim & Portable

Ultra-slim at 1.9mm, as portable as a credit card, style with convenience.

water-resistant icon

Water-resistant and durable design ensures reliability in diverse environments.

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Tempered Glass

Luxurious look with durable tempered glass enhances aesthetic appeal impressively.

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